BMM 305
Biomaterials Assist. Prof. Dr. ERSIN EMRE OREN


Course Description
    BMM 305 will provide the basic principles of biomaterials in general and help students to adapt into this rapidly developing area. The course will focus mainly on the field of biomaterials used in the design of medical devices, and to augment or replace soft and hard tissues. Discussion of bulk properties, applications, and in vivo behavior of different classes of natural and synthetic biomaterials. Analysis of biological response and biocompatibility, degradation and failure processes of implantable biomaterials/devices. Brief outline of regulatory compliance and performance requirements for commercialization of biomaterials and medical devices.
Lecture Hours
  • Monday:    10:30 - 12:20 (Classroom 176)
  • Tuesday:   10:30 - 12:20 (Classroom 176)
Textbook Teaching Assistant Course Outline
  • 1st Week      Introduction to Biomaterials: An Evolving, Multidisciplinary Endeavour
  • 2nd Week      Properties of Materials
  • 3rd Week      Classes of Materials used in Medicine
  • 4th Week      Classes of Materials used in Medicine
  • 5th Week      Biological Recognition
  • 6th Week      Host Reaction to Biomaterials and their Evaluation
  • 7th Week      Biological Testing of Biomaterials
  • 8th Week      Degradation of Materials in the Biological Environment
  • 9th Week      Application of Biomaterials
  • 10th Week    Application of Biomaterials
  • 11th Week    Application of Biomaterials in Functional Tissue Engineering
  • 12th Week    Special Considerations for Implants, Devices and Biomaterials