MBN 305
Phase Diagrams & Transformations Assist. Prof. Dr. ERSIN EMRE OREN

Phase Diagrams & Transformations

Course Description
    MBN 305 will provide the basic principles of phase equilibria and phase transformations in general and help students to adapt into this technologically important area. The course will focus mainly on the underlying thermodynamic principles of phase equilibrium, transformation and state. The binary and ternary phase diagrams, kinetics of phase diagrams, diffusion mechanism, and both the diffusional and diffusionless transformations in solids will be discussed.
Lecture Hours
  • Monday:    13:30 - 15:20 (ST 1)
  • Tuesday:   13:30 - 15:20 (ST 1)
  • M. Hillert. Phase Equilibria, Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations, 2nd Ed., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2008.
  • D. A. Porter, K. E. Easterling, M. Y. Sherif. Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys, 3rd Ed., CRC Press, 2009.
Teaching Assistant Course Outline
  • 1st Week      Introduction
  • 2nd Week      Basic Laws of Thermodynamics
  • 3rd Week      Materials Thermodynamics
  • 4th Week      Diffusion in Solids
  • 5th Week      Diffusion in Solids
  • 6th Week      Phase Equilibria in Binary Systems
  • 7th Week      Phase Transformations
  • 8th Week      Phase Transformations
  • 9th Week      Phase Equilibria in Ternary Systems
  • 10th Week    Phase Equilibria in Ternary Systems
  • 11th Week    Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes
  • 12th Week    Diffusionless Transformations